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Emerald Plantation
A New Tradition Begins When you move into Emerald Plantation, you’re moving into a neighborhood. But there are no cookie-cutter boxes here—we know that today’s homeowners want original design that reflects their individuality. As you drive through our generous, estate-sized homesites, you’ll encounter warm, well-crafted design and lodge-style houses, each customized inside and out to the unique tastes of the people living here. View Details
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Ardsley Park
Savannah’s first suburb, laid out in 1910, is a mixture of prestigious four- and five-bedroom mansions and quaint, craftsman-style bungalows, some renovated…and some not so much. Ardsley Park has become one of the city’s “hottest” neighborhoods, favored by young professionals and families because of its proximity to downtown Savannah. This neighborhood closely follows the plan General Oglethorpe laid out in the historic district with View Details
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Historic Savannah
Savannah is the largest National Historic Landmark District in the United States. Its cobblestone streets, manicured gardens and live oak-shaded squares make it one of the most beautiful cities in the world, in our unbiased opinion. It is a very walkable city, thanks to the urban plan laid by General Oglethorpe, and many Savannah urbanites claim the City’s lush squares as their front yards (and you don’t have to mow them)! Not only is it w View Details
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Victorian District
Adjacent to the Historic District, this neighborhood was Savannah’s first expansion. It gets its name from, you guessed it, the beautiful Victorian-era homes dating from the 1870s to the early 1900’s. This area is attracting more and more real estate pioneers interested in restoring two- and three-story frame houses. The Victorian District is becoming more popular as the number of restorable houses in the Historic District shrinks. View Details